Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences among the photographic media [i.e. ambrotype, daguerreotype, tintype, etc.]?

I’ve created a handy photo identification guide that might clear some things up for you.

Where did you get __________________ image?

I source all photographs at the bottom of each post. (More info regarding content sourcing.)

I think the date/name/subject listed is mistaken.

Let me know as soon as possible if this is the case. However, I typically don’t stray from the information provided to me by the archivists and historians where I find the images.

Describe yourself?

I have an “About Me" section, as well as a personal blog if you’re interested.

Can you help me with homework/finding images for a project?

If it’s regarding 19th century American history or photography, I can give you some resources. Also, because I’m a student as well, I can’t go on super extensive hunting expeditions—but I’m more than happy to help when I’m in the position to.

What’s up with your obsession with Ulysses S. Grant?

Good question. Luckily I’ve written gratuitously about him.

Is your name really Tuesday Johnson?

It’s really my internet pseudonym.

My inbox is always open, whether it be for a question about history or photography, for advice or for a listener—I’m always happy to respond. Also, if you have any interesting articles or websites you want to share—or a want to suggest some music that I might enjoy, it’s appreciated muchly.